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RNAAT nº125/2013 - Registo de Agente de Animação Turística reconhecida pelo Turismo de Portugal


15 May 2018
Dearest Melanie, I hope you remember Maura and I and hope you are very well. We talk about you so often and about the wonderful time we had with you. Our very close friends, as you know, will be in Portgal aand look forward to visiting Evora with you. They are really wonderful people and you will love them, Nicholas is French and Maya is from former Soviet Union. They love good food and wine and know it very well. the costs is not an issue, just to show them at pace Maya is comfortable with, great food and Nicolas really knows wines. I told them so much about you and how great you are. if you pass the villa with them perhaps they can say hello to the owners. I hope we can do a visit again, soon. I very much hope you are doing well. Much, much Love from us both. Big Hug, David